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Winning The War for Talent
In a world where attracting job applicants is easy, finding qualified ones is the real challenge. The talent landscape is undergoing a seismic shift due to retirements, regional brain drain, and a scarcity of skilled workers. Fitt Talent steps in as your strategic partner, collaborating with organizational leaders and HR professionals to craft proactive strategies that attract, develop, and retain qualified and talented workforces.

Aligning Employees With Strategy
Attracting and retaining employees is only half the battle. The next step is to ensure that organizational talent is aligned with your company’s strategy and brand. Research consistently reveals that a majority of employees lack engagement with their jobs and organizational priorities. Through effective strategic planning and internal communications, we work to ensure that your organization is aligned and working toward common missions, visions, and goals.

Focused On Smaller Markets
Unlike many consulting firms situated in major cities, we understand that one-size-fits-all talent solutions don't work everywhere. What succeeds in Pittsburgh, New York City, or Washington, DC may not resonate where you are. Fitt Talent takes pride in taking on the unique challenges faced by businesses and organizations in mid-size cities, small towns, and rural areas.

Our Services Include:

  • Strategic Planning Facilitation & Development
  • Employer Branding
  • Talent Acquisition Strategy & Marketing
  • Internal Communications
  • Organizational Efficiency & Effectiveness
  • Alignment of Strategy, Employees, and Brand

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"Exceptional workplaces don't emerge from mere policies and procedures; they blossom within cultures marked by strong identities, engaged teams, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Truly outstanding employees are just that—exceptional.

Yet, here lies the challenge: the most qualified individuals are often happily employed and deeply invested in their current roles, rather than scouring job boards. To attract top-tier talent, employers need to differentiate themselves and tell their own stoies—ones that capture the attention of those not actively seeking a new job.

We firmly believe in the synergy of great people finding their match in great employers. Together, they form a synergistic alliance capable of producing outcomes that surpass the extraordinary and venture into the realm of the unimaginable. This foundational belief is the driving force behind our existence and the reason why we are dedicated to nothing but the best for your business."

--Mark Parfitt, Fitt Talent Founder
Photo of Mark Parfitt